Written for the project "Secret Memory Workshops" as part of the V festival of contemporary art "Parallels". The festival was held at the Kurgan Puppet Theater "Gulliver" in the spring of 2019. Writers Serafima Orlova and Mikhail Levin came up with a secret organization "MMS LPO" to change the traumatic past. Based on the plot of the performance, documents were found in the basements of the theater (where the NKVD was located in the 30s) describing special practices that make it possible to replace memories in the head, as well as change the events of the past.

Spectator-participants were asked to go through various stages of the performance: listening to music as an initiation, searching for encrypted data in an abandoned park, changing recorded memories using blackouts. One of the stages was writing fragments of memories about repressed relatives on a computer installed in the basement of the theater. The computer responded to each letter with strange sounds and transmitted a message to the noosphere with the goal of healing past traumas and changing history.

After this, the project was curtailed and kept secret, because the researchers began to experience irreversible changes in their memory, and they began to forget even each other’s names, while the past remained unchanged. But we managed to preserve this most valuable tool for transforming reality and, taking great risks, make it available to everyone - who knows, maybe you will still be able to send a message to the noosphere and change history.

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