Surf Clarinet

Download (Windows)

In this 3D sound art video game your goal is to play music on bass clarinet and to deliver the sound to the ear of a potential listener. In 2017 I wrote a piece "A boat. A berth" for bass clarinet solo. It was inspired by sounds of a moored boat that was making unpredictable knocking sounds because of strong waves on the Kama river. After the premiere I was pondering about interactive version to make those sounds completely unpredictable and free of any precomposed rhythm. In collaboration with an artist Elena Mikulinskaya we've found a solution where the bass clarinet becomes the 3D-boat in the virtual sea. The ball there acts like a visualisation of sound, and all clarinet sounds are depends of it's spontaneous motion. Each new level of the game brings new interactive sound elements to the ball's path and creates a new form of audiovisual composition.