Sad faces (2022)

My new interactive work "Sad faces" was in development since 2020. Then it was a response to the news from Belarus. There was a feeling that any positive emotion, all our likes and jokes lost their meaning and right to exist. Each smiley, once in the black space, quickly loses its smile and then the signs of a human face. Now in 2022 this feeling is much stronger and more total, so I made some changes to the algorithm. Smiley observers sitting below, who likes what is happening, are no longer safe. Wait for the moment when a mess from blackness "flows" to them and see what happens. To speed up the process, click on emoticons more actively in order to fill the entire space with them.

The program is written in Javascript and should run directly in the browser on any device. But still, the more powerful the computer, the better. Perhaps at the end, when the entire screen turns into a pulsating mass, I can come up with some kind of optimization, but so far so. One can imagine that by the end the resources of the AI to observe all that are running out, and everything comes to a collapse.

This software is open source, you can look at the JS code here.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.