Melody space

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Thanks to binaural technology and a software for modeling audio space sound in this cave is distributed according to physical laws — you can hide from it behind walls, hear from back, from above and in reflections even in ordinary headphones.

Plato described a cave from which the world can be imagined only by passing shadows, like blind people, who touches an elephant by hands and can't figure out what is it. In this sound installation the main reference point is not shadows, but sounds — you can listen to them or... just leave the cave.

The music is based on a melody that with each repetition drops 9 Hz lower. At the fifth repetition, it drops already by about a halftone. 9 Hz is a different percentage of the frequency of each note, so the intervals between notes gradually increase. For example, a second gradually turns into a third. The superposition of these options creates a sonorous microchromatic field.